Three years ago, following the flu, I suffered from dizziness and nausea. The room would spin round when I moved my head. This lasted for almost five months.

Tablets from my GP reduced the sickness but didn't help the dizziness. It made work and home life very difficult.

Like many people, I did not want to pay for private medicine as I hoped that the NHS could find solutions. My GP told me that at my age this condition (labyrinthitis) could last a long time and probably would recur.

In deperation, I went to a Chinese acupuncturist who said confidently he could help me. I asked how long it would take. "5 to 6 sessions", he said. After 2 sessions, I felt considerably better, and after 5, I was back to normal. This was both a suprise and a great relief.

The vertigo did come back two years later. This time I didn't wait; I went straight for acupuncture, this time with Dr Yu in the Sun hie Chinese Acupuncture clinic in Whitley bay. It took only a couple of sessiosn to clear up.

Anonymous, Whitley Bay.


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