Repetitive Strain Injury

I started having pains in my left shouder since I began to play the violin. It gradually turned into a repetitive strain injury and would flare each time I played or sat at my desk looking at books or my computer.

Now that I am at university, I have joined an orchestra that rehearses for threee hours a week. I could never play for too long on my own and I found music and study very painful for a sustained period of time, almost becoming unbearable. I would treat my neck and shoulder using hot water bottles and ibuprofen, however they only temporarily releived the symptoms.

I decided that I needed to seek a different approach to lessen the symptoms.

I came to Dr Yu after hearing her work highly recommended in Whitley bay. She explainedthe basic principles of Chinese Medicine to me, a little of which I am familiar due to my Chinese heritage. I found that Chinese health followed a great logic; it is a holistic approach to health and wellness. A person must be balanced in life, both emotionally as well as physically to be receptive to a cure.

Dr Yu treated my symptoms using acupuncture. Acupunture involves placing fine sterile needles just below the surface of the skin at specific presure points on the body. This is beleived to open energy channels and focus the body on healing itself. I found  the whole experience very relaxing and not at all painful. A tingling sensations can be felt whilst the needles are in place and this is known as the 'de chi', the desired effect of acupuncture.

After a few sessions of acupuncture, I felt my shoulder and neck were much more relaxed and not prone to fatigue as quickly. I would recommend Dr Yu and acupuncture to treat any kind of Joint or muscle pain that is poorly managed by everyday medicines. The great beenfit of Chinese medicine is that it has no side effects whatsoever.

Jenny, Student, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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