Hello. My name is George and I am 60 years old. I have had Psoriasis on my body and scalp for the last 35 years at least. I have tried many remedies and treatments over the years

including; coal tar, UVB light therapy, Dithranol, allergy tests, Dovonex, etc... I have also tried some Chinese herbalists at least 2, with little to no avail.

Then one day while in Whitley Bay I came across the Sun Hie Chinese Acupunture and Healthy Living Centre

and decided to try the herbal treatment for one month to see what happened. To my delight after only a few days I could see and feel something happening, my psoriais lesions were not as red and some even clearing with no flaking and I am sure with a few more weeks of treatment I will be totally free of this very stuborn and tenacious skin condition.

Many Thanks to Dr Xiao Xi Yu.



Sun Hie Chinese Acupuncture and Healthy Living Centre, 249 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 2SY. Telephone: 0191 252 6101

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