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What does treatment involve?

Before you actually receive treatment, the acupuncturist will want to take a history in order to make a clear diagnosis of your condition; this may involve a tradition Chinese history as well as a Western diagnosis.  In skilled hands, acupuncture is a relatively painless procedure.  When the acupuncture needles are actually inserted they are usually left in place for between 15 and 30 minutes.


Often the acupuncturist will manipulate the needles so that you will feel a dull bursting or numb sensation around the site of the insertion.  This sensation is called "de qi" or "obtaining energy" and traditionally it is suggested that "de qi" is an important part of the treatment process.  Sometime your acupuncturist may use other methods of stimulating that acupuncture point, for instance moxibustion, which is the burning of the herb Artemesia vulgaris just above the surface of the skin or on the end of a needle, or by placing a cup over the acupuncture point. 

Acupressure massage may also be considered effective in your treatment.  You may notice a temporary worsening of you condition, but this usually indicates that an effective response will occur later.  Treatment usually works in stages, in that the first one or two sessions may produce no effect or prehaps only a transitory effect.  A course of six to eight treatments is usally required for effective symptom relief.  When such relief has been obtained, it often lasts for three to nine months when one or two further treatments will "top-up" the therapeutic benefit.


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